Sunday, April 15, 2007

nappy headed radio hosts

I'll probably get some accidental traffic with that title....

I don't want to have a whole big post about this Dom Imus thing, but the whole thing makes me wanna puke. From what he said, to the ridiculous amount of media coverage, to Rutgers Univ trotting out the whole team for a media Q and A, to morons sticking up for Imus and complaining that he should not have been canned, to Jesse and Al who are utterly shameless about sticking their mugs on TV.

Here's my version of what happened. He said something stupid, the media descended like vultures, his sponsors backed out, and as a result he got fired. He got fired because no company in their right mind wanted their brandname associated with Don Imus, not because of what he said.

While I am on the race issue....MLB allowed teams to make a mockery out of day designed to honor Jackie Robinson. The entire St. Louis Cardinals team donned jerseys with the number 42 on them. I am a big fan of subtlety, this was not subtle. No offense to David Eckstein, or any other white player, but to me it removes some of the meaning of the day when guys like him are sporting Robinson's number on his day. And to add insult to injury, they throttled the Brew Crew.

The hockey playoffs are going on, I feel sad for all you tards who pay no attention. Playoff hockey beats the pants off any of the other major sport playoffs. Except the years when the Twins win the World Series.