Friday, January 27, 2006

Republican she-male wants to kill liberal judges

Yep, Ann Coulter wishes someone would poison Justice John Paul Stevens. But, it's okay since she said she was only joking. Riiiiight. Ok then, I wish someone would put a poisonous pubic hair in Clarence Thomas' coke. Oh, I'm only kidding.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

10 to 500 in 2 days

I started playing poker online about 2 years ago on Play money for awhile and then threw in 50 bucks. That didn't last very long as I decided that I was good enough and had the bankroll to play 2/4 limit hold'em. I have the bankroll now to play 2/4 hold'em, but still ain't good enough (i'm dead serious). I ended up dropping a few hundred and didn’t play there for about 1 year. This fall I threw in a few hundred to take advantage of a bonus. I withdrew what I earned after a month or so. A couple of days ago I got an email saying that they want my business back and have put a free $10 bucks in my account. I played a few SNGs over the last few days and got the account up to $30. I decided to “let it ride” and played a 5+rebuy today. I start the tourney very quietly. No good cards to be seen. I re-bought about 30 mins in to get my stack up to T2700. With about 15 mins left until the break I am still getting crap and decide to gamble with pocket 2s. I lose that race and am down around T800. I go into the tourney lobby to rebuy and notice that it is a 1rebuy +1add on tourney. So, I am sitting there damn near in last place waiting until the break so I can add on. I made it to the break, added on, and looked to double up. A little later I get 77 in the BB. A minimum raise is made and one caller. I decided to push. Both of them called another 1.5K in chips. Board read 10 high and I won the hand. I got lucky once not too long later when my AQ flopped a Q against AK. Don’t remember too many hands after that. I was able to get my stack up very quickly and was 1st or 2nd in chips when it was bubble time and had about 5x the chips of anyone at my table. I raised about 30% of the hands for 3-4 orbits and I didn’t get played with once. It really is amazing how passive people become just to be able to win back their buy-ins. I make it to the final table 5th in chips. Survive some races and get down to 3 handed with 100K in chips with the other two having ~300K. Fortunately one of them was a total donk and he doubled me up and then called my all in with K6 (I held AK). Made a pretty shitty play HU. I had A2 suited, and called a raise. Flop came 2 7 10 rainbow. Called his bet w/ the hope that he would slow down and fold to my turn bet. Turn was 10s, giving me 2 pair and flush draw. I lead out/raised all in. He had K10 and it held. I think I should have raised his flop bet to see if he actually had something. By waiting to the turn I didn’t have necessary information and I was already committed to the pot.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I wish I could quit you

Yep, saw brokeback mountain last night. It was pretty good, not anything all that special. It was pretty subdued and I could only understand about 35% of the words that came out of Heath Ledger's mouth. He sounded like Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade. "Yep, I reckon Jack and I are fishin' buddies. mmm hmm."

Placed 4th in 20+2 stud tourney a few days ago on stars. I was in real good shape on the bubble with about 11K and the chip leader having about 15K. My table was 4 handed and we had 3 of the top 4 stacks. I've been in this situation a handful of times and it has been a great time to steal, especially if you have a good sized stack. I made a couple of steal attempts early that failed. I tightened up a bit until I caught (K4)K. I raised it up and was popped by the bring in who had an 8 showing. I called and popped it on 5th when I made kings up and was reraised with 8Q3. 6th was seemingly rags for both of us and I called his turn and river bets. He hit another Q on 7th and made Qs full. That sucked. I had to put special gloves on to prevent myself from cursing in the chat box. Anyhow, if I win that hand I am top dog and in good shape to take that thing down. Anyhow, it took a LONG time for the bubblel to burst and the big stack at our table was running over people. I was able to stay aggressive though and get my stack around 6K at before the final table. I went out with (7K)7 to the bring ins concealed 10s. Neither of us improved and I was done.

Went to the Bradley Center on tues to catch the T-wolves play the Bucks. The wolves looked like hell and lost. They have been playing like absolute hell lately. Hopefully the wins over Chicago and Denver get them back on track.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

i hate thinking of titles for blog posts

I keep on getting sucked out on during pokerstars ring games, tourneys, and sit n go's. A bad streak that happened to coincide with cashing out 1K. Cashout curse? Probably not. Just a few bad decisions to go with a good amount of bad luck. Fortunately for me, I have been killing the games on full tilt the last week. I even had several winning sessions at limit holdem, which for me, is a rarity.

Full tilt is running an interesting promotion. Play for 28 straight days in January and get into a 10K freeroll. Sounds like a pretty good deal. I am up to 8 straight.

Pokerstars announced the VIP club thing. Finally a site where players can get something other than a t-shirt and a hat for hours of playing.

Did a big end of the year number cruching for my play in 2005. Pretty happy with where I have been able to get. Discovered that I can consistently win at the lower limits in stud and pot limit omaha. Still trying to figure out limit holdem and omaha h/l. I would like to improve my tournament play, but this is kinda difficult given that I don't play that many. I still managed to end up in the black on tourney play thanks in large part to several high finishes in stud tourneys and a few in no limit.

I don't really have any huge goals in 2006. If the circumstances allow it, I would like to play the $1500 7 card stud event at this year's wsop. We'll see what happens.

Monday, January 02, 2006

ought 6

Back from 'le vacation extraordinaire.' went from milwaukee to fargo to las vegas to fargo to milwaukee. here are some highlights:

-got Ali G show, seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, for xmas.
-met girlfriend of 4 years' family.
-had 6 sam adams, got a str8 flush (which netted me a $50 food comp), and ended up 50 bucks ahead in a 2/4 limit game at Imperial Palace.
-played roulette for the first time. won 15 bucks.
-chinese food at barbary coast.
-went to Bellagio pokeroom, where I was basically ignored and made to feel like an ass when I inquired about the 1-5 stud game (wasn't running). however, caught a peek inside Bobby's room and saw Jen Harmon and the back of Doyle's head.
-read half of 'zen and the art of poker' on the flight back to fargo.
-sat in the plane for 45 minutes after landing. both of the gates at hector int'l were occupied.
-got a cold, watched the movie 'hitch' on new years eve.