Tuesday, February 19, 2008

7 card cud

This is (or was) a poker blog and somehow I can't even find the inspiration to blog in a timely fashion when I have noteworthy poker exploits to blog about. Saturday found me shirking my scholarly duties and instead playing in a 5 dollar 7CS tourney around the same time as 'Saturdays with Dr. Pauly' 10+1 PLO tourney. In the PLO I started out at the same table as the host himself, Joe Speaker, and 7 other chaps. I made a rather poor showing (not even sure I won contested pot) and was bounced some time within the first hour.

This gave me more time to focus on the 7CS tourney that was already into the second hour. When we got down around the bubble I got seated at the same table as the Rooster, who had managed to amass a good amount of chips. Not much noteworthy happened as people continued to drop until we were down to the final table bubble. Being the chip leader, The Rooster went to work on our table and raised most pots. I managed to stay about even until we made it to the final table and even managed to chide the Rooster a bit (told him I thought his avatar was a chicken). Of course I lost most of my stack to him when I had (99)10x10 and he rivered me with some shit I don't remember. I ended up going out in 5th for about 30 bucks.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Adventures in cooking

It looks like I've fallen off the bloggin' wagon-or maybe it's falling on the wagon. I don't know. Work has been so goddamn stressful I almost went postal yesterday. One of the things that keeps me grounded is my love of trying to cook food, which often becomes a horrible adventure.

Exhibit A.
I decided to make some sort of chocolate cookies despite not having really any ingredients to make a proper batch. These doozies had several packets of swiss miss cocoa, maybe an egg or 2, baking soda, and what looks like powdered sugar on top of them. I am fairly certain this "recipe" was concocted after severe sleep deprivation and a few too many glasses of wine.

What was sorely lacking in this endeavor was any ingredient that would make this mess a cookie, namely flour or sugar. The result (pictured below) was some sort of awful smelling (think out-of-control tire fire) glob of shit that nearly spilled out of the cookie sheet I placed the "dough" on.
This looks like a 2 week old pan of brownies with bird droppings on it, only it tasted worse. I sampled a bit of it and then promptly tossed it in the trash.

Fortunately I redeemed myself with these sweet treats, which were derived from pre-made store brand dough that came in cubes and cooked quite nicely. And they tasted good to boot!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We are f*cked

Quite the little snow storm is descending onto Milwaukee. This one might packin' 20 inches locally (if you know what I mean).

If the storm actually does dump that much snow on us, it might be the largest storm I've been through-and I grew up in northern Minnesota and have been through some doozies in my time.
No way in hell am I shoveling all this shit at our apartment. I have been taking care of most the snow removal duties, but the landlords left me us with an old rusted shovel that makes it twice as much work to clear snow. Landlord man is going to have to trudge his ass over to deal with this mess.

I combined my enthusiasm over gambling with my lifelong fascination of winter storms and have a snow bet with a friend of mine. We set the line at 16.5 and I took the over. I'll probably lose as I think that is a pretty generous line, but I am always optimistic about my snow bets and I have been doing well this season.