Saturday, August 26, 2006

Stylin' Profilin' Freerollin'

I took part in the monthly 100K VIP freeroll on stars today. I started off by losing 1/3 of my chips on the first 3 hands. A few hands later I pushed with QQ to an obvious overbet with a lower pair and doubled through. From there I was able to stick around average in chips until we hit the bubble. The bubble burst and I felt pretty good to get at least $80 out of a freeroll, especially considering how bad I've been doing at tourneys lately. We got down to around 100 left and was still below average in chips and figured I needed to make a move soon. With about 8K in chips and the blinds 800/1600 I went over the top of a raise with AJ sooted. I rivered a straight and was alive again. I was able to run my stack up to about 30K with about 60 left. I found JJ UTG and raised about 4X the BB. Middle position chip leader comes over the top and I decide to call. He shows KK and I'm in serious trouble. Flop comes A10x, turn K, river, sweet sweet Q. The blinds are up to 3/6K and players are dropping like flies. I can find much of a hand for a while and get run down to 30K with the blinds at 4/8K. Folded around to me I make a 3X BB raise from the cutoff with J9. SB tanks for a long time and I know he has something decent but not great and I'm hoping he reads my standard raise as something very strong. He ends up putting in the rest of his chips (we were about equal) and I have to call and he shows A8 sooted. He hits an A on the flop and I can't pull out another miracle straight. I finish 29th out of 2500+ and pick up $350. Much needed. The quality of play in this tourney actually seemed very good. Much better than the last few Sunday Million's I played. This makes sense I guess, given that these are players who have qualified by playing alot over the course of the month.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

100 more

I have another 100 SNGs logged into my SNG tracker software from the last time I reported. I am pleased to say that over the last 100 I have booked about 1K in profit. I moved up in levels from the $16 turbo SNGs to the $27. I don't think the play is even a little bit better. In fact, if I break my results down by entry fee and base my opinion of the play solely on this, the $27 have much worse players. Although my ROI in the $27's are most likely skewed due to a ridiculous streak I went on in July where I won 4 out of 5 and monied in something like 9 of 11. It's good to know that if my bankroll takes a hit, I can go back to playing more SNGs to build it back up. If this all sounds like bragging, I suppose it is. While I am at it then, let me also tell you that I booked a 30BB win playing $5/10 7CS on full tilt last night with my good buddy Keith Sexton. I had some harsh words for his advice he sent out via the full tilt 'learn from the pros' emails, but he played a very solid game. I didn't see him calling raises with middle pairs and the check calling subsequent streets too often, so it doesn't seem like he heeds his own advice.

Monday, August 21, 2006

I lack originality

It seems to be popular these days to fire up the ipod, put it on shuffle, and blog which songs come out. And who am I to go against the zeitgeist. To make this even MORE exciting, I grouped the songs into batches of 5, and bolded my favorite of that bunch.

Jesus was Right - Frank Black
Hey Fuck You - Beastie Boys
New Hampshire - Sonic Youth
Positive Tension - Bloc Party
Putting Shame in Your Game - Beastie Boys
(Not a great song, but the others are pretty weak)

Save a Prayer - Duran Duran
Pennyroyal Tea - Nirvana
Marker in the Sand - Pearl Jam
Bodyrock - Moby
My Favorite Things - Outkast
(A pretty brilliant remake IMHO; DD song tells you I didn't edit this list)

Welcome to the Terrordome - Public Enemy
Punk Rock City - Frank Black
Unite - Beastie Boys
I'm Back - Eminem
Low - Foo Fighters
(Have to go w/PE here; classic)

Sentimental Man - The Dismemberment Plan
Gravity Rides Everything - Modest Mouse
Black Star- Radiohead
Idioteque - Radiohead
Sex Change - Breakbeat Era
(Roni Size side project; Obscure drum and bass circa 1999)

Spaceship - Kanye West
That's My DJ - Girl Talk
Manslaughter - EPMD
Sinister Foxx - The Breeders
99 Red Balloons - Nena
(German version of 99 would win; Kim Deal sounds drunk on the vocals; A+)

Enfilade - At the Drive In
Lightness - Death Cab for Cutie
U-Mass - Pixies
Your X-rays - Jets to Brazil
Swimsuit Issue - Sonic Youth
(Pixies prob are my fav band, but this SY song is too good to ignore)

Readymade - Beck
The Choice is Yours - Black Sheep
Mosquito Song - Queens of the Stone Age
Tuff Gnarl - Sonic Youth
Never mind - The Replacements
(QOTSA song is weak, Paul Westerberg can right a fricken song!)

Horseflies - Call Me Lightning
Skin on Skin - Queens of the Stone Age
I Want You So Hard - Eagles of Death Metal
Time Bomb - The Dismemberment Plan
Million Dollar Question - Radiohead
(EoDM wins! Locals Call Me Lightning are damn good tho)

In the Backseat - Arcade Fire
Trimm Trabb - Blur
Tastykake - Burning Airlines
Argument - Fugazi
Distopian Dream Girl - Built to Spill
(None of the others stick out on their respective records. Sadly, Blur wins)

Daft Punk is Playing at My House - LCD Soundsystem
40' - Franz Ferdinand
Long Goodnight - The Get Up Kids
I Better Be Quiet Now - Elliot Smith
Throught the Window - Seaweed
(Ass shaking LCD song wins by long shot)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Here I go again

Gonna live blog by performance in the Sunday Million on 'Stars. This could be the one.....where I suffer another bad beat and shave my hair into a mowhawk and go all Travis Bickle on everyone.

T- 5 Mins

3:30pm - First hand. 44. folded to EP raise. would have made boat. switched tables.

3:43pm - 5921 runners. My KK lost to Q4 sooted when he limped and called a 5xBB raise UTG and flopped trips. T2070.

3:49pm - T2300. I have 3 players at my table who are really bad. This is good.

3:58pm - There might be more than 3 of them. Lots of limp calling. I've seem people not bet the nuts twice already. T2200.

4:01pm - Fock, I just got moved. That table was weak....didn't have chance to take advantage of it.

4:03pm - Didn't last long. get AK call a raise from MP with AK suited. Big Blind goes over top of everyone for 2K more (big overbet there is almost always JJ or QQ). EP raiser calls after some deliberation. I am getting 3:1 here and am almost positive I am up against 2 pocket pairs QQ or worse, or possibly another AK from the big blind. I figure I'm 40% if my read is right and call with my AK. My read is right....EP shows 99, BB shows JJ, the cards that come out are not 246 5 8.

Probably a bad play to call off all my chips there....although when the EP raiser called off his chips the way he did, I was certain I was not dominated by either hand.

Would of had some nice chips to play with if I can catch a card there. Oh well.

New and in Blue

It seems like I am fond of the color blue..... I spiffed up the look of this here 'blog. I got tired of looking at the old design which had the "I-am-an-eighty-year-old-lady-and-need-a-fucking -magnifying-glass-to-read-the-'Parade'-section-in-the-Sunday-newspaper" font size. I think I need a fancy banner to make it all come together.

I managed to catch myself from the freefall that started earlier in the month, but it's still a little rocky for me. I seem to be falling into the same pattern recently in cash games. I get absolutely steamrolled early in the session and drop about 20-25BBs. I get a little torqued-off, put on my special fish stomping boots, and proceed to get it all back plus about 5-10BB more. Maybe I'm playing too many hands too soon after I sit down, and therefore don't have a read on anyone.

I have been hitting the HORSE ring games on pokerstars pretty hard lately. Changing games every 8 hands is like built in tilt/boredom control for me. Plus, the games are pretty good right now.

Stay tuned. If I get enough work done this morning and early afternoon, I might toss in my 215T$ as a donation to the sunday million on stars. I'll probably live blog it too.

Monday, August 14, 2006

sunshine happy fun cracker milky bottoms

I qualified for the sunday million on 'stars again yesterday, but opted not to play it. I watched the play quite a bit yesterday b/c a few RGPers made it deep. Same sort of donkey crap I saw when I played last week. I might give it a shot next week or use the T$ for smaller buyin events. I missed a chance to sat into the WCOOP 7CS event when my rolled 6s got chased down by split 4s. I had two dummies chasing me all the way, so I would've tripled up and been in the top 3 in chips....things just aren't going right for me in 7CS lately. I was happy as hell to get my money in with rolled 6s of course, so I can't be too bummed. I finally managed to book a winning session in 7cS Saturday night, but it was only after about 10 losing ones in a row and I promptly followed that up with another losing one Sunday. Variance is kicking my azz lately. Must be that deal I made with the devil.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

not here, not now

I'll leave my little rant up for posterity...I was half joking (see "can't spell poker" comment), but busting out like that is very disappointing. But, I guess I should be happy to have got it in with the best. The guy that lucked into my chips is sitting with over 50K now and is in the top 20. I would have had about 12K in chips about 300 players off the bubble, which is about to burst right now. I am watching it out of some sort of masochistic need.

I was surprised by how poor the play was. Saw alot of horrendous moves. Calling all in with low pocket pairs, reraising with AJ off, etc. A bunch of all in monkeys. I have no doubt that I could go deep in that tourney some time.

right here, right now

I've been getting killed the last few days, so when I sat'd into the pokerstars sunday million, you'd think i'd be smart enough to take the T$. But no, I'm going at it as we speak.

Over 5400 in this bastard. My chance of making the money, slim to none.

3:48 - Flopped trip aces, got paid off a bit, up to T2600.

3:56 - been getting a 2 in almost every hand.

4:10 - I've got 2 really loose stiffs at my table. I want to bust one of them bad. Still around T2600.

4:26 - raised in MP with AK. UTG limper calls with 99. He flops set with my pair of Ks. Down to 475. I really thought he had a weaker K. He's been putting chips into the pot in real bad spots.

4:31 - With 600 chips left I raise to 400 from the cutoff with 33. Big blind puts me all in. He shows AJ. Flop comes A67. Turn 5. River 4 and I double through on a nasty runner runner. T1300 at break. I really want this table to break. I don't have much of a feel on anyone.

4:48 - Double up with 1010 versus AK. T2100

Played 1 hand of 33 PLO tourney. Flop 66A with me holding A64J. EP leads out on the flop. I smooth call. K falls on turn. Money goes in. He shows KKQ6. Yep, that's how it's going lately.

This just happened. I slow played, then bet the pot on the river, guys shoved in with trips to my boat.

5:10 - table just broke. I started to like that table. lol. T4800.

5:28 - been stealing a bit to keep up. T4500.

5:32 - I haven't had crap for cards. Highest pair was a 10, and I've been dealt AK and AQ once each.

5:40 - basically getting blinded off. Had to fold AJ in late position to EP raises twice. T3100

5:41 - 2nd break. T3000. About 1700 left.

5:59 - T5000. 1360 left.

6:03 - still waiting for that big starting hand that looks like it might not come. T4400.

6:10 - folded to me on the button where I push with AQs, SB reraises with A10. Flop comes A J 5, turn 10, river bullfuckingshit. I am steaming right now. Fucking donks can't even spell poker.

Apparently it's to much to ask for a fucking hand to hold when I'm ahead 6:1.