Thursday, November 30, 2006

save as draft

Pretty good stuff right now:

Beck - The Information.
Cheap ass beer at Sendik's on Oakland.
Tickets to 1/4/07 NY Rangers game at MSG.
Holiday break from grad school.
Snowstorm that is about to kick out ass in Milwaukee.

Stupid shit right now:

Studying for my 2nd to last exam ever.
Joke of a poker bankroll.
Weed in my freezer.
My last trip to Potawatomi.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

pigskin' f*ckit

I can't pick an NFL game correct to save my ass. The last 6 or 7 weeks my performance has been at about chance level. If I made my living betting on football games, I would be living in a fucking dumpster right now.

After beating the Seahawks in Seattle, the Vikes looked poised to go on a nice run with 3 of their next 4 games against very beatable teams in SF, GB, Miami. They got trounced by New England and then proceeded to lose the next 3 to 3 very mediocre teams. And the Timberwolves look like they are headed for another lottery pick this year. The have something like 8 guards on the roster; that makes alot of sense there, Kevin McHale. Ugh, when does baseball start?

I have been playing poker consistently, but at pretty low limits. I final tabled a 3 dollar HORSE tourney yesterday, which netted me something like 15 dollars. I am wondering whether or not to reload some accounts and get back to playing the levels I was before. One good thing about playing for peanuts is that I don't really care when I lose because I am losing no more money than most people have laying around in change jars. But, I still feel that competitive urge from time to time, and I can't help but think that will only be satisfied with a return to playing higher stakes. This will probably sound corny, but I really thought that I was good enough that one day I would make a nice score in a big tourney and have a bankroll that would allow me to play at levels where I could make real money. I was contemplating buying in to WSOP events and had started to play the Sunday Million a few times on pokerstars. Maybe I've lost that desire, maybe it's on vacation.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

1 year

This blog sucks and it is 1 year old. I started pounding stuff out on this here webspace while I was staying in a hotel on 13th ave and M street in DC. The following month I was staying on the Vegas strip and blogging from the 8th floor of the Imperial Palace. Now I am sitting on my ass at home in Milwaukee trying to remember why I started this. I don't have any delusions that anyone reads this, and I don't really care. I think I started blogging because pokerstars has an annual tourney for bloggers and they give away some nice swag. I was also a big fan of a few poker blogs and I suppose some of this is based on that. Right now, I "maintain" this blog mostly out of posterity.

Why not talk some more poliltics. The democrats now control the legislative branch of our government and I think that is a good thing. Not only because I normally vote democrat, but because I don't think any party should have control for too long. The republicans have been controlling the agenda for too long and I think we saw how that went. Hopefully the Democrats can push a populist agenda and get some stuff done in congress. As much as I think Bush should be held accountable for the crap he pulled his first 6 years, I think it would be a mistake to go after him with impeachment hearings. Even if he deserved it, am I'm not really sure one way or the other if he does, it would look bad and get in the way of getting real work done. I would like to see minimum wage increases, get the budget under control, and somehow fix things in Iraq (no idea how). I think a repeal of the gaming legislation would be a good thing. Some of that bill's big proponents went down in flames last Tuesday, and that made me smile from ear to fucking ear.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

vote those bums out/live drunk blogging of the election

8:00pm - God, I just saw Frist on MSNBC. Makes me want to puke when I see that troglodyte. Dems are +2 in the Senate with the big races still up for grabs in VA, MO, and MT.

8:06pm - Feels good that all this states I have resided in have elected Dems for Senate tonight. Congrats Konrad, Klobuchar, and Kohl. OMFG, the KKK. Nevermind, it's spelled Conrad.

8:14pm - Ugh. Loserman got elected as an Independent. Not a big surprise though. I think NARAL just dug their own grave by supporting him.

8:55pm - +4 DEM for Gov. 2 (R)IND house members get the boot.

9:01pm - Jesus, I think Santorum's nerdish looking 14 year old kid is crying. I'm an asshole and that is funny to me.

9:19pm - calls the race for Gov. Doyle. Now hopefully the Dems pick up the seat Green vacated.

9:33pm - Kerry is still a stiff. Hopefully he sails off into the political sunset soon.

10:00pm - You better be watching the Live Dailyshow/Colbert Report coverage.

11:35pm - barnburner in VA. Webb up by ~2300.

11:45pm - Dems +23 in house. Sen looks headed for a split.

1:14am - Long fugging night of watching Tweety bird Chris Mathews and the CNN stiffs. Dems look poised to pick up MO, MT, and VA. Macaca is going down. He's behind by 12K votes. Looks like a DEM Senate and House. Checks and balances........bitches.