Monday, October 30, 2006

I am not dead. Therefore I am.

Wow. It's been a long time since I sat here and pounded something out for this here blog. The whole poker legislation thing has had a weird effect on me psychologically. When the law passed I removed about 2/3rds of my BR into a saving account. Since that time my attitude towards the game seems to have changed a bit. I have a feeling like the hayday is over and that has sapped some of the passion out of it for me. I left enough money in my accounts to dink around playing 1-2 games and some sit and go's. I am toying with the idea of 'going for the gold' and risking a good portion of what I left in there playing some bigger tourney's or a 5-10 session. I don't think I'll do it mostly because it's not in my nature. I am a good enough player to win at the levels I play, but perhaps my best skill is that I don't go through large downswings in my BR because I am pretty good about managing my losses.

I had enough FPPs in stars to buy into a couple 215 tourneys, but instead I used a good chunk in exchange for a pretty sweet little digital camera. I think it speaks volumes about stars that they haven't backed out yet and that they are still honoring the VPP program.

Unrelated to poker, I made a visit to Atlanta for a conference a few weeks ago. Atlanta seemed pretty lame to me and everything was overpriced as hell (see 10$ 6-packs of Miller Lite), but the hotel we stayed in had a sweet happy hour from 530-730 with free drinks. Embassy Suites rules.

To quote an old song, the thrill might be gone in terms of me and online poker right now. Never fear. This blog will always be here. 10 years from now I'll probably be blogging about how I used to play back in the 'wild wild west' days of internet poker.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

this is where i go off.

Congrats to the A's who have been the beneficiary of 2 horribly played games by the Twins and now lead the Twins 2-0 going back to Oakland. I think Torii Hunter probably stamped his ticket out of town with that play in the 7th. If he isn't a Twin next year, it's a bit ironic that the play he will most remembered for is a defensive miscue. Hopefully, Brad Radke and his broken ass shoulder socket can get us back into this series. Actually, it's on the hitters to get it going; pitching has been good.

So much has been said about this gaming bill already, but I think it's time to call bullshit on some of you republicans who are trying to make this thing sound as if the democrats were equally responsible for the rider on this bill. Wake the fuck up. They (meaning those in control of congress) snuck the rider in and attached it to a bill that no one in their right mind could vote against. Furthermore, it doesn't take a political science degree to realize that the Republicans are in control of congress, and thus, control the agenda. There is NO way in hell this shit gets attached to a bill if the democrats are in control of congress. If you think that I am wrong, you are completely delusional. Let's be clear, the democratic party isn't anything to jizz yourself over, but they would not have pulled this holier than thou, phony ass moralizing crap. It's time to wake up and and take a good hard look at what your vote means when you pull that lever for 'R.'

What a fucking week. Oh, and I turned 30 on top of it. Fuck me walking.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Division Champs

For the 4th time in 5 years the Minnesota Twins capture the AL central crown. They won their last game of the year while the Tigers imploded by getting swept at home by the KC Royals. Yes, those Royals who lost 100 games this year. All this means that the Twins will have homefield advantage the first round against the A's. It all starts Tuesday at noon; kind of a crappy time for trying to watch the game, but it beats playing the Yankees in the first round. Hopefully they will meet up in the ALCS; I don't think the Yanks will have much trouble disposing of the Tigers.

I played poker last night like I was a criminal out for his last night before being sent off to jail. Two or three tables going, bluff raising in limit hold'em, intoxicated. Did ok though. I left enough money in my poker accounts to play comfortably while this whole gambling bill thing plays out. What I removed is going into savings. I have no idea what Frist got up his ass that he had to try attaching this law to every fucking bill that was voted on. He eventually succeeded. He had such a hard on for this online gaming bill that train and bus security was left off of the port security bill. We have a bunch of brain dead morons in office; and I wish I could say the Democrats took a stand against this shit. Of course, there is no way in hell they could, they were trapped politically. 'Democrats block passage of port security bill.' Not a headline they could afford to see. Hopefully we will all wakeup very soon and vote these fuckers out.