Thursday, March 23, 2006

no cigar......

Played in a winner take all satellite for a seat in a 1K buyin wsop tourney organized by MissT. Finished 2nd :( . I got lucky twice late when my A7 outflopped A10 and when I rivered a Q with AQ to take down AK. Went out when I missed my flush draw to middle pair. When we were down to 4, my play seemed to draw the ire of a couple of jerks cheering on the eventual 4th place finisher. They were upset that my A7 beat A10 and that I called with KQ after I had been reraised. My KQ took down JJ and crippled their buddy. It was winner take all fellas.

The heads up match lasted about 15 mins. The first hand I get KK and push to his raise, hoping it would look like a huge overbet. He goes into the tank and starts to chat and like a total fucking moron I type "tired." He folds realizing I am strong there. He said he had KQ. He had earlier called 2 of my all ins with KJ off. Shoulda kept my mouth shut. At one point I had a slight lead and found 109H in the BB. I called a small raise and the flop came down 3QJ, I called a small bet, and 3h came, giving str8 and flush draws. He pushes on the turn. Now, it is obviously a donk play to call here, but it was tempting as HELL when he threw all his chips in there. One push of the button and I might have won the seat.

Monday, March 13, 2006

untitled #5

I haven't played much poker lately. Working on throwing together a few publications and qualifying examinations. Despite the fact that I don't have anywhere near the roll for it, I did play my first extended 5/10$ stud session about a week ago. I ended down about 10 BB, but I felt good about how I stacked up to other players. I wouldv'e been up if not for a few misreads and 1 hand where someone caught their gutshot on me and scooped up a $180 pot (whine, whine, whine).

I now have 17K+ FPP's on pokerstars. I could buy a 4GB Ipod Nano, an entry into the 200+15 sunday tourney, 13 copies of 'Poker Champion Chris Moneymaker' by Chris Moneymaker and Daniel Pasner, or 34 stainless steel pokerstars coffee mugs.

I plan on playing some smaller wsop sat's in the coming weeks organized by some folks at RGP and, possibly some blogger events. Iggy set one up at paradise. I might crash that one even though I'v never played there.

RIP Kirby.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I choose to ignore personal responsibility.

I am a scientist. Speaking in very broad terms, I study how the brain influences behavior and vice versa. It's a branch of psychology typically called 'behavioral neuroscience.' The goal of psychology is to be able to describe, explain, predict, and control behavior. Surely some would argue, but to be able to make cause and effect statements about the behavior of an organism we have to assume that behavior has a natural cause and is not the result of the 'free will' which resides mysteriously tucked away somewhere deep inside all of us. Yes, I said 'us.' If we are going to pursue a science of human behavior, we cannot explain behavior as the result of free will. This is a hard pill to swallow, even for those of us who are studying it. We don't chose anything. Someone might say, "what made you study the brain, surely it was your choice." No, it wasn't. I didn't choose to study the brain. There had to have been an utterly complex arrangment of factors and circumstances that led me here. Behavior is so complex that I think the notion of free will is simply a cloaked way of saying "it's too hard to understand it." Free will is the lazy way out. Strict determinism throws notions of morality and personal responsibility out the window. Is this not dangerous? Take the actions of a serial killer. If they didn't choose to kill 30 people, then how can they be punished for it? My answer is simple, it's true that they didn't choose to do it, but they need to removed from society to protect others.

The buzz lately in the poker world has been about a couple of ultra successful teenage poker players got busted cheating in tournaments. As these events transpired some bloggers have noted that these kids are not taking responsibility for their own actions. As if it would be all better if ZeeJustin said, "you know what, my fault, I did it just because I chose to do it." To me that's a lazy way of thinking. To truly understand why this happened we need to discover the circumstances. What reinforcement was he getting from cheating? What maintained this behavior. Money, more money, recognition. Q: Why aren't we all cheating then, you might ask??? We all like winning money; certainly a main reason why we play poker. A: circumstances. we don't cheat at poker because at some point along the way we were taught or told not to. I got caught cheating in 9th grade physical science class (oh, the irony). Being a naive little turd, I though I could take a test in front of the teacher with a 3 foot long cheat sheet. He caught me after about 15 seconds, berated me in front of class, and gave me an F for the test. 0/185 pts. This test was worth about 35 percent of total grade and I had to bust my ass to get D- in the class. The sense of gratification I got from that D- was worth way more than any of the classes I breezed my way through and got A's. I bet alot of you have had similar experiences. That's why you and I don't cheat at poker. These experiences didn't endow in us some sense of personal responsibilty. That's not what I would call it. I don't cheat because when Mr. Holm berated me in front of class I felt like the biggest dink in the world. Simply put, it was aversive. And organsims avoid repeating things that are aversive. We are hard fucking wired to do so.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

this things i believe

Took down a stud tourney on stars this afternoon. First time winning the 20+2. I had the chiplead for the last 1.5 hours only losing it for a few hands.

Write your congressmen now. There is a bill sponsored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va. that is designed at putting the kabosh on online gaming and making criminals of us all. If you don't know who represents you, it's time to find out. Unsatisfied with all the gaffes at home and abroad, it appears that now the republicans want to strip the simple pleasures of many average joe's and average jane's away by preventing us from gaming online. well done. how many months 'till november?????????