Wednesday, March 26, 2008

aim it cout.

Probably the best fucking thing I've seen in a long time. I mean a long time. In the summer of 2002 or 2003 I was able to catch Radiohead play at Alpine Valley. I made the short drive down to east troy. We parked our car and walked by some dudes listening to the Replacements in the back of an old Ford.

We made our way in and listened as Stephen Malkmus opened. Radiohead came on as dark had descended. I first got into Radiohead via a friend in high school who turned me to Pablo Honey. The Bends. Then OK Computer came out and the band became legends. That night was crisp; we made our way to the beer stand. I almost fell on the way back later. The show began. What followed was as close to a religious experience I have had since I no longer believed in god. Karma Police. Fake Plastic Trees. Idioteque. Paranoid Android. We got in with the guys ripping bingers. No Surprise. How to Disappear Completely.

I urinated in plain view of passing cars as we were trying to get out of parking. Even got some catcalls from doped up hussy's going back to Beaver Dam in their parents Pontiac's. We passed by the dudes listening to the Replacements again.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

sophisticated fat ass/when the levee breaks.

I just got done making some little pizza's made with Na'an bread from Trader Joe's and fresh mozzarella and pepperoni from Sendik's deli. There were quite delectable, especially when accompanied by some Mendocino Summer Ale (3 bucks a 6 pack-thank you very much).

They are predicting ANOTHER winter storm for us this Thursday after receiving a foot of snow last Friday and nearly 100 inches for the season.

This still doesn't top the winter of 96-97 when I was an undergrad at the University of North Dakota. We had around 100-120 inches of snow, but most problematic was the ice storm followed by the 15 inches we received in April around the time the Red River was scheduled to crest. The result of all of this was one of the worst floods in the history of our country and at the time the largest evacuation in the history of the US until Katrina in 2005. I lived in a basement apartment with my brother and his dog. After spending some time helping sandbag that day, we learned in the wee hours that there was a levee breach and that the entire city was under mandatory evacuation. It as a surreal scene. We gathered what we could, and headed down to our parents home. On the way there we listened to Desi Cortez on KOA out of Denver. Late at night in North Dakota you can get radio stations from Denver to St. Louis to Chicago and points in between.

The next day, several blocks of downtown Grand Forks went up in flames. There was little that could be done because the streets were flooded. I remember watching it unfold from Ralph's Corner Bar.

The early days after the evacuation I would also call our apartment every day. One of those days the phone started giving the busy tone. That was probably the day our apartment filled up with water. We weren't allowed back into the city for several weeks, but when we got back we saw utter devastation. The whole city stunk to high hell and home upon home was wrecked. Dirt lines marked where the water had risen-in some cases there was no line at all and the houses were swept off their foundations. The city eventually got back on it's feet. Houses and schools were rebuilt and the dikes were made stronger than ever. I go back every now and again.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

mad memories

This is Neela. She is trying to fight off a urinary tract infection today. She is finally laying down in bed now after trying to urinate god know how many times today-mostly shooting blanks. We gave her a couple doses of antibiotics after her trip to the vet. Hopefully those do the trick and she is peeing happily soon.

March madness starts tomorrow. I have no real rooting interest this year as neither UW-Milwaukee nor Minnesota made it to the tourney. UWM has fallen on hard times after having pretty damn good teams from 03'-06.' I totally embarrassed myself at an unnamed bar in downtown Milwaukee in '03 as the Panthers nearly upset Notre Dame (damn you Dylan Page for missing that last second put back). I nearly jumped out of my seat as Clay Tucker kept making big plays, and cursed and kicked a wall when they lost at the last second.

In '05 the Panthers stunned Alabama in the first round game that fell on St. Patrick's day. Even though the game started around 11am on a Thursday, the bar was full of drunk retards. McCants kept nailing 3's and Tigert literally did not miss a shot. The next round UWM upset Boston College who had been ranked No. 1 earlier in the year. Their tenacious defense flustered BC-and who could forget Joah Tucker's 3 point play to seal it? The next round they lost to eventual runners-up Illinois, despite Joah Tucker scoring at will and keeping them in the game until the last 10 minutes of so. Good shit.

In '06 they upset Oklahoma the first round, but lost to eventual champs Florida in the second round. I watched the Florida game at home after attending a protest/march against the Iraq war. It was the 3 year mark that day. It's 5 years now. Bush thinks we're better off. I think Bush is a fucking retarded monkey

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Falling asleep/southerplayalisticadillacmuzik

Last night was a first for me. I zonked out while playing a SNG around midnight. I didn't realize my goof until I opened my laptop back up today and noticed the clock was on me. To the best of my recollection, I remember the table had about 7 people left. Amazingly, I bubbled out.

I was in Atlanta for another top secret interview this week, this time with my GF. Could happen. The potential place of employment seems like an excellent opportunity and I really dig Coca-Cola, Republicans, and peaches. I never saw myself in a southern state, but it wouldn't be forever. Would probably do the old "in-out, in-out."

Too good. The entry about graduate school is spot-fucking-on.

Might even be better. Turkey sausage. Totally a staple of my diet.

I seem to fit both categories quite well. Shit, there's no Asian equivalent, but there should be. I can already think of about a dozen easy ones.

Eliot Spitzer looks just like my high school hockey coach. He was a philandering dink too. Weird. Shiny is bald.

Friday, March 07, 2008

You're the one

Slow going in the blog department lately, which of course means things have been crazy otherwise. I was in NYC for about 24 hours early this week for a job interview. I will skip most of the details of that trip so as not to blow my cover (you see, I was there on sensitive business). The flights were good enough despite the fact that 3 or the 4 legs of the trip were in small puddle jumpers barely bigger than a Hummer. I stayed my one night at a hotel that had rubber ducky, which I really wanted to steal, but didn't. Leaving LaGaurdia I had the misfortune of spending a few hours waiting in the 'A' gate area. Don't ever think you'll get anything approaching edible after you go through security here. I ordered a pre-made eggplant sandwich that had mozzarella and tomatoes on it. The eggplant had a grayish tint to it, and the mozzarella was rubbery and had zero flavor. The whole thing was so disgusting I couldn't even bring myself to eat the bread.

On my way to NYC I had a beer at a sports bar in Cleveland that had pictures of mid 1990s football players all over. Randall Cunningham. Jim Druckenmueller? Scott Mitchell. Steve Young. Reggie White. etc. Most of them were decent players at one time, but Jim Druckenmueller? wtf?

I haven't had a ton of time to get much poker in. The end of February was so busy I didn't even get a chance to maintain my Silverstar status on pokerstars. I have played a bit the past few days with mixed results. I went on mini-tilt last night after getting 2 outered in my SNG and losing most of a buyin at a 7CS and limit hold em table. I made it all back when I jumped up to a higher 7CS table and doubled my buyin in 30 minutes. Hit and run.