Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rantings of a lunatic

This is what goes on in the brain of a person upset that the Democrats appears poised to pass health care reform. From this article in the Fargo Forum.

Philip G.
Fargo, ND 03/03/2010 3:25 PM

Hows that fascist,bigoted,racist hope and change working out for everyone. Up or down vote huh? The man was a fascist running for office, I warned everyone he will have governement take over everything if he had a choice. Anyone noticed he never did condemn Van Jones in the white house either. Van jones is a communist people. Obama doesnt care if its passed, it will take more of our freedoms away forever. Big difference between parties. I want the liberals to have freedom, they want to take mine away, and increase the size of government. There is a difference and when our country comes to the point of shooting and physical violence because of fascists like obama and others who will vote to take away my freedom of choice in medical descisions, do not come crying to me that I tried common sense and it did not work. Oil up your guns people, obama has senate legislation coming next to individually tax every bullet we shoot. JEEZ, i wonder why? Wake up people, Austria voted in Hitler too, we just have less idiots then the germans had prior to ww2. Rush was right, we hoped he would fail, now we are praying and hoping. One last thing, fascist liberals, or progressives as they should be called, you me to tell us we have no choice in our medical coverage or which doctor, yet you still want choice on killing babies? Hypocrites From now on my analogy never will i trust a liberal after this and I tell everyone who reads this. My name is posted, will a liberal post their name on here? You can come at me any time jerks, Im waiting with guns loaded, hypothetically speaking

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well, that fucking hurt.

The Vikes managed to wrangle defeat from the arms of victory once again, as they lost the NFC Championship game in overtime. Simply put, being -4 in the turnover battle rarely spells victory, even when you out gain the other team 475-225 in regulation time. Hell of a game though, and hell of a season. I'll take that game anytime over the 41-0 drubbing of 9 years ago.

I watched the game solo at the venerable Famous Sports Pub. I sat next to some old timer who told me a joke which he said was a "Minnesota Joke." So a blonde walks into a bar and the bartenders says, "Anheuser Busch?" The blonde replies, "fine, and how's your penis?" Brilliant.

Watched the end of the AFC game. Jets hung in there, but in the end Manning and Co. put it away. Much to the glee of 2 douchebag Colts fans behind me.

Here's my summary of the Vikes game: Yes, fuck, yes, fuck. yes, fuck. Halftime. Fuck, yes, fuck, yes. MFMFMFMFMFMFMFMMFMFMFMFMF. OT. F-U-C-K. Somewhere in that time I put away about 55 dollars worth of Stella and managed to mess my cellphone up by spilling beer on it. Got home and passed out.

It'll take a few more days to get beyond ruminating on this one, but life goes on. The Vikes gave us a hell of a ride this year.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Game day is upon us. The Vikes look to get advance to the NFC championship, while simultaneously exorcising the 35 year old ghost of Drew Pearson pushing off to catch the winning TV in the 1975 Championship game. Favre came back to win games like this. The pundits are all picking Dallas, despite the game being in the Mall of America Snoopy Land Knotts Berry Farm Target 3M Pillsbury Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome. I'm so excited!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Where to began....that is, resume.

Aww fuck, I've been gone a long time. Let's take a peek at the last few months.

October 2009:
Twins get swept by the Yankees who go on to win the WS. Fuck 'em.
Spend a week in Chicago for a conference.....spend way too much time a bar named 'Snickers'. Spend too little time catching up with old friends.

November 2009:
Eat copious amounts of turkey.

December 2009:
Go from Atlanta to Fargo to Vegas to Fargo to Atlanta and mostly maintain my sanity even though we flew out of Fargo in an honest to god real northern plains blizzard. We stayed at Bally's this go around which was decent as we got a jacuzzi suite courtesy of the 20 dollar trick. First night gambling I play some video poker while pounding back glasses of Fosters and score about 250 when I hit quad 2's. Next day is rough as I piss away 50 bucks at slots, lose a $100 buy-in at 1-2NL and lose the winning bet ticket I made on USC over BC. The last night I sit down at a Mississippi Stud table and thanks in large part to making a full house, I walk away up 700 bucks or so. A nice way to end the trip.

Celebrate new years quietly with 1 GF, 2 cats, and a little wine.

Monday, October 05, 2009

A dome full of memories

The Twins play Detroit on Tuesday for the chance to take on the Yankees in the Divisional Playoffs. The game will be played at the Metrodome tomorrow afternoon in what hopefully is NOT the last time they play under the Teflon covered stadium. Yesterday got me thinking of the games I have seen the Twins play there. With the help of I was able to track down the box scores for every game I ever went to.

April 28th - 1988: My first game at the Dome was a class trip I went on when the defending World Series champion Twins took on the lowly Baltimore Orioles. I remember very little from the game itself except for the fact that my distant cousin Fred Lynn, who prior to Ichiro in 2001 was the first player to ever win ROY and MVP in the same year, was not in the starting lineup for the Orioles. The Twins ended up winning the game 4-2, prolonging the Orioles season beginning losing streak to a mind-boggling 21 games.

July 29th - 1990: My baseball team was in the Twin Cities for a tournament and we got to watch the Twins take on the Oakland A's. My dad chaperoned a group of us to the game. Jose Canseco and Felix Jose hit bombs in the game, but the Twins ended up taking the game in 6-5 extra innings. My dad got half-lost in downtown Minneapolis after the game, but we made it back to our hotel safely.

July 27th - 1991: In the middle of what would be the Twins second World Series winning team in 5 years the Twins took on the Milwaukee Brewers, which at the time was a heated battle between division rivals. This was the major league debut of Denny Neagle, who had a few decent years after being dealt from the Twins, but perhaps is better known for being caught with hookers, driving while drunk, and possibly being on steroids. The Twins ended up winning in exciting fashion when Dan Gladden hit a 3 run homer in the bottom of the 10th. I remember this well because Gladden's homer hit the foul netting down the left field line.

August 11th, 1992: My dad took me down to the Dome to see the Twins take on one of my baseball idols Nolan Ryan. Coincidentally, this was also opening day for the Mall of America in Bloomington, which actually sits on the ground where the old Met Stadium was. You can still stand at home plate while eating a cotton candy and taking in the goings-on of Snoopy's Knotts Berry Farm, or whatever the fuck it's called now. Inexplicably, my dad and I decided to go to the mall despite the fact that we both pretty much hate malls. I don't remember much from our time at the mall except one of the sporting goods stores was using live mannequins. Nolan pitched well, but the Twins ended up winning 3-2 behind John Smiley's complete game.

June 27th, 1998: My dad, brother, and I couldn't resist making the trek down to the Twin Cities to see Mark McSteriod play in the middle of his record-breaking-syringe-filled-with-juice-injected-into-his-ass season. The three of us went to some shitty bar near the Dome and ate pizza while my brother and I each pounded 3 Leine's like they were going out of style. The Twins took the loss 7-2 as McGwire launched an andro-aided bomb into the left field seats.

April 28th 2001: 13 years to the date of my first Metrodome experience was my last as the Twins took on the Baltimore Orioles again. The Twins took it on the chin 5-2 courtesy of the Orioles. Sluggers Brooke Fordyce (BAL) and Tom Prince (MIN) hit homer in this otherwise uneventful loss for the Twins. This was Tom Kelly's final season managing as he took a young Twins team back into the picture. The nucleus of this team would lead the Twins to AL Central Championships in 4 out of the next 5 seasons. Here's to the Twins winning their 5 Central crown tomorrow.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

All Things

Fucking poker is sucking ass right now. I'm about to cash out my pissant bankroll and put it towards my credit card bills or the 30K in student loans I gotta pay back which gave me 12.5 years of college, a BS, MS, PHD and an STD or two, and a job that doesn't even pay 4oK. You might think I'm complaining, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I once read that many of us who go to grad school do so in order to prolong some romantic period of our lives where we make no money, when in fact we predominately come from wealthy families. That's a crock of shit, because myself, the people I've met, and the people that have become my lifelong friends furthered our education because they didn't see many attractive options after undergraduate studies, didn't want to start pumping out babies, and really had nothing else to do. No place else where we'd fit in. It's not like we were so fucking smart at 22 that our brains were aching to absorb 8 years of graduate school on 16K a year and 60 hour weeks. It's about lacking identity, in which case you seek to find it. I guess many of us have found it.


I made my 6th or 7th trip to vegas about a month ago. Shacked up with 3 friends in the MGM grand. Like the other trips, I managed to end up a loser, but had some fun. We started the trip off with brunch at the Venetian, followed by a tourney at Caesars Palace which saw me bubble out when my QQ all in was called by the only person with more chips than me. He had AK and flopped an A and I was done. I win that and I could pretty much coast to a nice payday. The rest of the day was occupied by playing cheap pai gow at the Trop and imbibing several 7 and 7s. The next morning we all cab it over to the Hard Rock where I win a couple hundred bucks in an hour playing 1/2 NL. The 1pm touney wasn't so kind to me, but weetarded guy (in our group) takes it down for a nice score.

We go back over to the Trop for some cheap Pai Gow and cheap craps. I lose a bit at pai gow, and then proceed to lose 100 bucks on my charter craps session, despite getting the hot hand while rolling and builing my buyin from 20 bucks to 120. The rush of going on a hot streak pretty much made up for the money I lost, but I can't say I'm all that crazy about the game.

We go back over to the MGM grand where I buyin for 100 bucks at a 1/2 NL table. I win a bit early and then pretty much sit there pounding beers and playing tight for 3 hours or so. I go on another small win streak and sit with 200 or so when I get pocket 10s in middle position. I raise to 10 and get 2 callers. Flop comes 10c 9c As and I start to salivate. One check to me, I bet 20, get min raised by the button, which was called by the old dude who checked and I called as well. The turn is the Ac. Old dude leads out for 60 bucks, I push knowing that someone has an A and both people call. Over 600 in the pot and the river comes a Kh. Fuck me...the button, who played the hand like a horses ass, had AK offsuit. Old dude had the flush and I get up and leave. I sit at the bar and down some more beers while pissing away more money on the shitty ass video poker at MGM.

After waking the next morning, we grab breakfast at NYNY at some cafe that has a giant topigraphical map of the US on the ceiling. We play a bit of craps there after bfast before it is time to me to hop on the 4 hour flight back to ATL.