Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Spider in the Snow

Wintertime has descended on Milwaukee in the form of an over-the-weekend snow and ice storm and Alberta Clipper that is dumping on us now. I am about 1 mile offshore of Lake Michigan, which is kicking up some nice lake effect snow for us. I routinely place 'snow bets' with a friend of mine. I always take the over. I won this past weekend with the line at 3.5 inches, and I'm pretty sure I am good now with 4.0 as the line. 2 beers coming my way.

The snow/ice storm last weekend caused me to break my 'car accident' cherry. Some dimwit was backing out of a drive way blindly and backed right into me while I was driving. He hadn't even wiped the snow off his windows. The accident caused a fair amount of damage to the ol' Honda. Hopefully, I don't get dicked around by his insurance company.

The poker playing has been going well, although I still don't have the desire to play as much as I used to. My 'roll is up around 300 from the 4 bucks I started with a few months ago. I have been averaging an SNG every few nights and I typically play a 1/2 stud game at the same time. That 7CS cash game seems as soft as it have ever been, and my results in the SNGs have been very good since I started back up again.

The Minnesota Twins are seemingly about to unload Johan Santana to the Yanks, Red Sox, or some other team able to part with top prospects and sign Santana for 20+ mil/season for 5 years. as much as I hate to see Johan go, it makes sense to trade a person that is going to command 20-30% of the team's payroll over the next 5 years. Hopefully, they can get a decent stash of young talent in trade for Johan.