Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bowties, curly mullets, poetry

I just got done playing a $15 SNG where I took advantage good timing and a few suckouts and took home 1st place. My bankroll now sits around $160, up from the 4.40 I had 1 month ago. It's laughable that I have been able to build up a tiny roll from 4 bucks.

My GF and I returned from San Diego exactly 1 week ago. Amazingly, we saw less sun there than what we were seeing in Milwaukee. We went there for a conference - we are both looking for jobs. Kinda sucks to be in this position, but we made inroads for positions in Atlanta, but Toronto is also on our minds. Or maybe NYC, or Calif? Who the fuck knows where we'll be in 1 year. It's exciting, but also a bit shitty.

Our flight from MKE to SAN and back went through Denver. Flights were pretty good - watched some Curb Yr Enthusiasm on the laptop, and some direct TV on the plane. We had a 2+ hr layover in Denver on the way back. We had a very nice meal and drinks at Jimmy somethings' and few more drinks at the 'Cowboy Bar' before getting on the plane. Best time I've ever had on a layover. Kudos to DIA.

Las Vegas III is only about 5 weeks away. I simply cannot wait to be playing Pai Gow late xmas night at the IP. Downing Miller Lite's brought to me by a waitress in a skimpy dress and getting dealt cards from a Korean dealer, both wishing they were somewhere else.