Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rantings of a lunatic

This is what goes on in the brain of a person upset that the Democrats appears poised to pass health care reform. From this article in the Fargo Forum.

Philip G.
Fargo, ND 03/03/2010 3:25 PM

Hows that fascist,bigoted,racist hope and change working out for everyone. Up or down vote huh? The man was a fascist running for office, I warned everyone he will have governement take over everything if he had a choice. Anyone noticed he never did condemn Van Jones in the white house either. Van jones is a communist people. Obama doesnt care if its passed, it will take more of our freedoms away forever. Big difference between parties. I want the liberals to have freedom, they want to take mine away, and increase the size of government. There is a difference and when our country comes to the point of shooting and physical violence because of fascists like obama and others who will vote to take away my freedom of choice in medical descisions, do not come crying to me that I tried common sense and it did not work. Oil up your guns people, obama has senate legislation coming next to individually tax every bullet we shoot. JEEZ, i wonder why? Wake up people, Austria voted in Hitler too, we just have less idiots then the germans had prior to ww2. Rush was right, we hoped he would fail, now we are praying and hoping. One last thing, fascist liberals, or progressives as they should be called, you me to tell us we have no choice in our medical coverage or which doctor, yet you still want choice on killing babies? Hypocrites From now on my analogy never will i trust a liberal after this and I tell everyone who reads this. My name is posted, will a liberal post their name on here? You can come at me any time jerks, Im waiting with guns loaded, hypothetically speaking