Friday, January 15, 2010

Where to began....that is, resume.

Aww fuck, I've been gone a long time. Let's take a peek at the last few months.

October 2009:
Twins get swept by the Yankees who go on to win the WS. Fuck 'em.
Spend a week in Chicago for a conference.....spend way too much time a bar named 'Snickers'. Spend too little time catching up with old friends.

November 2009:
Eat copious amounts of turkey.

December 2009:
Go from Atlanta to Fargo to Vegas to Fargo to Atlanta and mostly maintain my sanity even though we flew out of Fargo in an honest to god real northern plains blizzard. We stayed at Bally's this go around which was decent as we got a jacuzzi suite courtesy of the 20 dollar trick. First night gambling I play some video poker while pounding back glasses of Fosters and score about 250 when I hit quad 2's. Next day is rough as I piss away 50 bucks at slots, lose a $100 buy-in at 1-2NL and lose the winning bet ticket I made on USC over BC. The last night I sit down at a Mississippi Stud table and thanks in large part to making a full house, I walk away up 700 bucks or so. A nice way to end the trip.

Celebrate new years quietly with 1 GF, 2 cats, and a little wine.

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